Toronto Law Firm Web Design Services

When your law firm gets a newly designed website, you aren’t simply updating the look and feel of your site. There are dozens if not hundreds of techniques and components that are implemented during the process. These are some of the elements that go into our web design services for Toronto lawyers.

WordPress design and development

WordPress is a powerful content management system that we use to create professional, modern, and high-converting websites. Our team will consult you on what will work the best in terms of design, style, and layout but we also bring your vision to life at the same time.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process that makes your site more visible to search engines. This includes the technical side of things like on-site and off-site optimizations, as well as content development in order to rank higher in Google’s algorithm for specific keywords.

Content creation

Another component of our law firm web design services is content creation. After all, you can’t simply have a well-designed website with effective content and sales copy. We will write high-quality content on each page that ranks highly on Google, increases conversion rates, and educates prospects about your firm.

Lead generation

Our team of experts will design your law firm’s website with a lead generation and marketing funnel in mind. This means we optimize every page to push users to book a consultation, learn more about your services, and ultimately take action. In many circumstances, we’ve seen attorneys neglect the marketing funnel and experience a lack of cases because of it.

Live chat

Do you want prospects to be able to instantly engage with your firm and ask questions? WiseMedia will integrate a live chat solution that answers frequently asked questions, helps people book consultations, and learn more about your legal practice. In fact, the use of live chat for businesses is expected to continue to grow by as much as 87% in the next 12-18 months.

Conversion rate optimization

It’s not enough to have a professional and modern website. It must also convert and drive revenue for your law firm. WiseMedia has decades of combined experience in optimizing the conversion rates of websites through testing, analytics, and data-driven decision making. We ensure that every page on your website serves a particular purpose and maximizes the number of cases you close.

Calendar booking

Would you like to make it effortless for qualified prospects to book consultations and meetings with your firm? WiseMedia will set up an integrated calendar booking feature directly on your new website. This increases the amount of leads you generate and provides a better experience for potential clients.

How our Toronto law firm web design services work

These are the steps we take to bring your vision to life after having a no-obligation consultation to understand your needs.


We will work closely with you on developing your website goals and objectives. We’ll also map out what the new site needs to do, look like, who it should speak to, and how much time is available for a project of this size.

Once we’ve agreed on these details—including budget and timeline—our design team starts brainstorming design concepts that align with your vision. We then give those early designs some feedback before starting the formal web design process.


The next step is to build the wireframes of the website. Wireframes are a visual representation of the website’s layout and functionality.

We’ll use these wireframes to take some initial measurements on how your site will look from different screen widths or resolutions, which can help inform decisions about font size, line-height, image sizes, etc.

We also use this stage as an opportunity for feedback before getting into the more detailed design phase with WordPress.


For each page, we map out content organization based on what you want readers to see first in order (think: home page slider). We then break up sections using typography that relates well together—header fonts might be bold while paragraph text is set in lighter type. Our team of design experts creates each page to deliver value, educate prospects, and accurately reflect your firm’s value.


Once the design phase is complete, we go into revisions. Our designers review each page with text and images to make sure everything looks right—from font size to line-height to image sizes. We also use this stage as an opportunity for feedback to make your website perfect before launch.


At this stage, the project is nearly complete. WiseMedia will then moving the website live for the world to see and interact with. We also test it before publishing to ensure that every feature, page, and function works correctly. Our team will also measure performance and report it to you so you can clearly see the return on investment.

Benefits of web design for law firms

Websites can be a big investment. These are a few reasons you should invest in Toronto law firm web design services.

Create a strong digital presence

Having a website offers many benefits, including the peace of mind that customers can find you anywhere at any time. Additionally, as most companies nowadays have their own site and provide links to your company website in theirs, if you decide to stay offline you may be losing potential customers to competitors elsewhere.

Educate and convert leads

Having a professionally designed website helps legal practices educate users about their services and how they can help them. This increased online presence will help convert leads to clients.

Build credibility and authority

There are a few expectations in today’s world that every upstanding company should have. Customers would be skeptical of any business without a phone number and physical address, but even more so if they do not meet the minimum criteria of having an online presence. Easily sharing information about your company with customers through a website or email is critical to success in today’s landscape.

Deeply understand your clients

One of the many benefits of working with WiseMedia is the amount of data you gain that helps you understand your customer base. Through website analytics, attorneys get access to a variety of information such as identifiable aspects about who visits your site, how they found you, and what they like on your site. This information can be leveraged to improve conversion rates, website performance, and marketing return on investment.

Dominate the competition

If you don’t have a website or services like us, your competitors probably will. This means that you’re not only missing out on new customers and chances for the future but also must contend with the competition from the beginning and risk being left in their wake.

Create long-lasting client relationships

Websites offer an easier way to handle customer service. FAQs provide answers to common questions, saving you time and money through lower demands on staff. Increasing your website’s visibility will also attract more customers in the long term, having a positive effect on customer relations.This could be a benefit for you, all positive feedback can be uploaded into a testimonial, your customers are happy why not show it off?!

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