TikTok for Lawyers: 10 Actionable Strategies

TikTok is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. In fact, there are up to 315 million downloads of the app each quarter.

TikTok downloads per quarter

With such high engagement rates and low competition for advertising space, it would seem like a no-brainer for lawyers to get their name out there by creating content on this platform. However, many lawyers don’t know how to use TikTok as a marketing channel.

In this blog post, we will go through 10 strategies that law firms and attorneys can use to leverage TikTok as a way of generating visibility and leads.

How to Use TikTok For Lawyers

Let’s discuss how lawyers can use TikTok to generate awareness and leads.

Create a business TikTok account

First, you need to create a business TikTok account. This gives you more features like a link to your website. You can sign up via the app or on the desktop website by clicking “Log in” and “Sign up.”

Signing up for TikTok

You can sign up via phone, email, Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

TikTok signup options

Add a description that explains what your law firm does and add a link to your practice’s website.

TikTok account example

That brings us to our next point.

Post content daily

Once the account is created, it’s time to promote yourself by creating content like short product demonstration videos or even comedic clips about legal issues people have been having lately. These types of videos will give followers an insight into who their potential lawyer would be if they decide to hire them for whatever case they’re working on at that moment in time.

Your aim should be to establish trust with your audience by showcasing how knowledgeable you are about certain topics as well as being personable enough so followers feel comfortable sharing details regarding their cases with you without feeling judged for any mistakes they might’ve made.

Create your first post by clicking the plus button while the app is open on your phone. Alternatively, you can upload videos you’ve made from the desktop website.

Posting in TikTok 1

Record a video or upload content from your phone.

Recording a TikTok

Remember to add sounds, filters, and other effects to make the post more catchy and entertaining.

Posting a TikTok

When you’re ready to post a video, add a description and hashtags to expand your reach. I also recommend enabling comments, Duets, and Stitches to maximize engagement.

Like with all social networks, the key to success is a consistent post frequency. Try to create at least one new post every day. This will ensure that your followers are constantly seeing fresh, relevant content regarding the niche they’re interested in, and it will keep them coming back for more.

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Use relevant hashtags

Using hashtags on your TikTok posts greatly increases your exposure. While you can certainly include a large number of hashtags, don’t go overboard as the top TikTok users tend to use fewer hashtags. Instead of using generic tags like #lawyer or #attorney, try including more specific terms that are relevant to your practice area and audience such as:

  • #personalinjury
  • #familylaw
  • #employmentlaw
  • Etc.

If you need ideas, enter the pound sign followed by a keyword and TikTok will give you suggestions.

Hashtag suggestions on TikTok

Engage with other users

Social media is used to be social. That’s why you should be reacting to other users’ posts. Like and comment on their videos or even reach out with a private message if it relates to your practice area or is relevant to something they’ve posted in the past. This helps you increase your follower account, develop relationships, and stand out from other lawyers not doing so.

Follow people

When you first create your TikTok account, you will have no followers. To build an initial foundation of followers, we recommend finding another legal account and following some of their followers. This technique will allow you to generate followers at a faster rate than what is typical for other platforms. If you have relevant content, some users will like, comment, and share, generating further engagement.

TikTok followers

Leverage TikTok trends

Once you’ve used TikTok, you will notice that there are constant trends that users take part in. These often go viral and have more engagement than typical posts because everyone can recognize them. For example, if you are on TikTok during the Halloween season, you will see people posting about it. If your post includes the same trend or is relevant to what’s going on in society at that time, this can help generate more engagement for your posts.

Use TikTok effects and music

Every time you post on TikTok, you can add effects, music, stickers, and other items. If you are a lawyer, try to add items that support your legal niche. For example, if you practice bankruptcy law and have access to the official US Bankruptcy logo, include this as an effect for your posts about bankruptcy filings. If you do not have any effects or graphics related to your law firm, then use other TikTok features such as music and stickers instead.

Stitch your response to other posts

A great way to generate engagement and create useful content on TikTok is by stitching your response to another post. This puts your response side-by-side with another post. Also, it makes your response look like a part of the original post. The end result is that you can fit more content in less time. This strategy works best if the other TikTok user has already posted their video and there are plenty of comments on that video for you to respond to.

To create a Duet or Stitch, find a post and click the share button. Select “Duet” or “Stitch” from the options.

Share options on TikTok

Add your video to the original and post it as you normally would.

Duet on TikTok

The other user will be notified when someone has made a Duet or Stitch of their post, creating a good opportunity for engagement.

Use TikTok ads to generate more reach

While you should be posting content on TikTok on a regular basis to organically build up your account, you can also invest in TikTok ads. This is a good way to gain more followers and increase your reach. You can use TikTok ads either on the desktop or through the app itself.

For instance, you could run video ads that link directly to your profile page to get people interested in what you do. Having an omnichannel approach is always the most effective strategy for law firms. This means using organic methods like posting on TikTok every day while investing a monthly budget into advertisements.

Final thoughts on TikTok For Lawyers

TikTok is an effective marketing channel for law firms and attorneys. Begin by creating a free account and upgrading to the business version. This gives you more features and capabilities. Then, begin posting content every day. You can respond to other people’s posts, answer frequently asked questions, and take advantage of TikTok trends to gain more exposure. It’s also wise to invest in paid ads on TikTok. This enables your law firm to greatly increases its reach and engagement.

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