Scarborough Law Firm Marketing Services

WiseMedia is proud to provide marketing services to law firms in Scarborough. We help you get a steady stream of high-quality cases with minimal time commitment on your part. With over 100+ happy clients and a commitment to only support one firm per city, you can be confident you’ve found a marketing partner for the long haul. 

If you want to stand out from the sea of competition in your area and become the go-to name for law services in a 20+-mile radius around your office, WiseMedia can be of assistance.

Looking for a Specific Service?

Our Unique Approach to Law Firm Marketing

When you reach out to us via our website, our first step is to hop on a quick call to understand your goals. Are you looking to scale your firm up? Or are you looking to automate things as you prepare to retire? We then head out and research your area and where you currently stand to chisel out a game plan to help you reach your goals. All of this is done 100% free, as we want to make sure you understand our process and that we are a good fit for each other.

Because we only work with one firm per city, you can rest assured that we won’t try to push services you don’t need. Our goal is to get you a significant return on your investment, and we are fully committed to your practice as your marketing partner.

As work begins, our team prides itself on ongoing communication and updates. We make sure to check in with you on how our marketing efforts are going and show you how the services are evolving, keeping you on the cutting edge of digital marketing. This process is all done in a time-effective way so that you can get a snapshot of our month’s work in only a few minutes. 

Why Choose WiseMedia for Digital Marketing

Our commitment to only working with law firms means that we have become experts in the field. Instead of jumping from industry to industry, we have gone deep on what people search for and make sure our partner is in front of them. When working with us, you pull from our 100+ other law firm client results.

In addition, we focus on a process that is designed to get you to your result. The goal here isn’t to provide services that have no impact; instead, we carve out a game plan and implement services that will get you there as quickly as possible. A unique combination of web design, blog content, paid advertising, and social media will work together as you start to improve your lead flow and avoid relying on word-of-mouth as your only marketing tool. 

We also back up our services with a guarantee. If we cannot get you the results we promise, we work for free and pay out-of-pocket to another marketer until you get those results. Our goal is to help law firms, and we are so confident that we can assist that we want to put our money where our mouth is.

Specialized Marketing for Scarborough

By working with only one firm per city, we can focus 100% of our efforts on making your firm stand out and get you to your results. We don’t cannibalize ourselves by working with your competition in a commitment to provide you with the best services possible. 

We take time to analyze your local area and develop a game plan custom-tailored to your region. We look into how many divorces happen in Scarborough each month, what search terms they are typing in on Google, how high you can rank for those phrases, and what type of lead flow that results in. 

Sitting at the top of the search results for “divorce lawyer, personal injury, business law” in Scarborough can result in thousands of visitors a month, giving you the luxury to pick and choose which cases you want to take on, drastically improving the case quality. 

Results You Can Expect

Law firms that work with us usually start because they are looking for the following results. If you are interested in getting similar, definitely reach out for a free audit and consultation:

A consistent method to generate leads:

As we get our marketing program set up and running, you will have a complete system for people to find your firm, get in contact, and book an appointment. Typically for firms, this is an afterthought as they already have cases but no natural system to get them primed to work with you. 

Higher quality cases:

As our marketing efforts begin to provide you with a steady stream of leads, you are put in the unique position of assessing which cases you want to take on and which ones to avoid. Clients frequently cite an increase in case quality as they work with us, as we tailor the site and marketing to only attract people the firm is best equipped to handle. 

No longer relying on word-of-mouth.

Word of mouth is a fantastic tool and shows that your results speak for themselves, but the problem is that you have 0 control over the process. If you want to hire new lawyers or plan for the next year of financials, it becomes hard to predict as things can go hot just as fast as they can go cold. Having a dedicated marketing system lets you accurately predict how many cases are coming in and have a faucet you can turn on anytime you need an injection of new cases to the practice. 

Low time commitment marketing:

Since we only work with lawyers, we know that you have a lot on your plate, and the last thing you need is a marketing major talking to you about how you should write blog articles when you are busy dealing with cases. Working with WiseMedia, we take the time to understand your goals, then we set off and do them. Many of our clients only send us 1 or 2 emails a month, and the rest is handled by us, with updates and reports you can view at a glance. 

A meaningful return on investment of marketing:

Often marketing services are “good to have” but rarely make a real impact on your business. We don’t operate that way. We only provide you services that will have a meaningful push to your bottom line and measure it. If you aren’t getting more high-quality cases from your marketing, then we pay out-of-pocket until you do. As your marketing partner, we want to ensure you can see the ROI of working with us. 

Frequently Asked
Scarborough Law Firm Marketing Questions

You have questions about how WiseMedia can help your law firm in Waterloo, we have answers.

Why do Scarborough law firms need marketing?

If you want to stand out from the competition and acquire more clients, digital marketing services are critical. Otherwise, you will have to rely on referrals and limit your growth.

How long do projects take?

Every project is unique. A web design project may take 4 weeks for example while other clients work with us month-to-month for consistent growth through marketing. Our team will give you a time estimate after understanding your goals.

What is your average project cost?

The average project we do with law firms ranges from $5,000-$10,000. However, every firm’s needs are different so we offer free quotes after speaking with you.

How long until I see results?

Since WiseMedia focuses on long-term growth, your firm will experience results steadily over time. Our team also provides reporting and analytics to present you with a return on investment.

What ROI can I expect?

Each project and client is unique. However, here’s one way to think about it: if a client is worth $10,000 to you, we charge $5,000 for a project, and you generate several clients each month, the ROI is substantial.

How do I get started?

Contact our team for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you. We will happily offer you a quote after speaking.

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