How much does it cost to work with wiseMedia?

Don’t invest your time and money on a website that won't get you results.

At WiseMedia, we know that marketing is only worth doing if it will bring a significant return to your business.

That’s why we take the time to do extensive research, and meet with you beforehand to understand your goals, to help create the perfect strategy that will get you the results you’re looking for.

For that level of customization to be possible it’s difficult to offer up-front pricing quotes. We want to still give you some ranges of what you can expect it to cost. Of course, we always take into account your budget when preparing your quote.

Full Website Design:
Starting at $6K 

Our most popular solution is guaranteed to end in a beautiful website designed to generate more visitors and rank higher in search engines.

We start with our strategy session to understand your business. We then build you a fully functioning website designed to generate more clients. Writing content, optimizing for search engines, and launching it to the public. We then wrap it up with an in-depth marketing plan for next steps your business can take. 

Strategy with Marketing Plan:
Starting at $2K

If you have an in-house team, or are comfortable designing the website yourself, our strategy package is the perfect choice. We still have our in-depth initial meetings, and do hours of our own research to fully understand your business goals, your market, and who your ideal customers area.

We turn all this information into an in-depth document that defines what your goals are, how to drive them to your site, and what the site should include. This is the perfect document you can hand off, or implement yourself. 

Hourly Consulting - $150/Hour:

If you need a step in the right direction, you can book a session with our head web designer, Evan Pappas. He can answer any questions you have, review and outline strategies for your current site, as well as outline the most effective strategies you should use.