Ottawa Law Firm Web Design Services

In today’s world, it’s essential that your website offers a good first impression to capture attention and convert leads. In fact, 95% of people’s first impression of a business comes from the website. Working with a company like WiseMedia will give you a professional and modern website that drives more revenue.

How our Ottawa law firm web design services work

Our process begins with a free consultation call. This is where we will learn more about your law firm, goals, and determine how we can help you. Afterward, our team will send you a proposal with outlined services and pricing.

Once deliverables and scope are agreed upon, we will send you an electronic agreement that can be signed. You will also receive a deposit invoice to start the project.

WiseMedia’s 360-degree process begins with layout development, research, and wireframing. Our team of design experts plan out how your new website should look and feel for maximum return on investment.

They then begin working on the first draft to show you how the end product will look like. We regularly hold meeting with clients to display updates and receive feedback.

After revisions are completed and other elements are implemented like SEO, the website will be launched. Many of our clients then opt for our marketing services to drive consistent growth.

Benefits of having an updated website

These are several reasons why your law firm in Ottawa should invest in a professionally designed website.

Increase your conversion rate

When you get a new website from us for your law firm, you will see a rise in conversion rate. We design our sites with the user’s performance in mind, which means that visitors will likely spend more time on your site and convert into leads much easier.

Optimize the user experience

The experience people have on your website determines whether or not they trust your brand and ultimately will contact you for legal services. We design websites to create credibility, authority, and deliver a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Create a competitive edge

There is no shortage of competing law firms in any city. That means if you don’t stand out in some way, you will lose clients to competitors and fall behind. WiseMedia creates websites that cut through the static with optimized user experiences, branding, and design.

Boost your search engine rankings

Not only do we offer standalone SEO services but our team optimizes every website for search engines like Google. By tweaking 100+ different elements, we help rank you on the first page of Google and other search engines for target keywords.

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