Ottawa Law Firm Marketing Services

WiseMedia is a law firm marketing agency that services clients in Ottawa, Ontario and other cities around the world. We help attorneys acquire more clients, overcome competition, and grow their revenue. Here’s more information about our process.

Looking for a Specific Service?

How our Ottawa law firm marketing services work

The first step when working with WiseMedia is a no-obligation consultation call. This is when we learn about your goals, budget, and ultimately what you’re trying to achieve with marketing. Furthermore, we are able to help you understand more about our services and if we’re a good match as a partner.

After this step, our team will send you a proposal that will outline the services we can provide along with pricing. If accepted, an agreement can be signed and the project can commence. In most cases, we send a deposit invoice before and another one after the remaining work is completed.

In terms of our workflow, WiseMedia prides it self in consistent communication and updates. Our team uses the latest digital marketing strategies and best practices to drive the greatest results for your law practice. We will regularly update you with reporting, analytics, and progress.

Benefits of digital marketing for law firms

Why should your law firm invest in digital marketing services? These are a few reasons.

Acquire more cases and clients

By investing in a new website or marketing services, your law firm will increase the number of clients you can attract. Getting more cases and clients is one of the main goals for law firms; they need to constantly be acquiring leads. Digital marketing campaigns help create awareness about your services and brand to ensure that it is found online by potential clients.

Getting higher search engine rankings for keywords related to your practice area is crucial in driving traffic through searchers who type those target terms into Google, Bing, etc. Law firms do business all over the country and even internationally so being able to rank highly on localized keyword searches are important as well as nationwide search terms if you’re targeting an international market. SEO is one of our most popular Ottawa law firm marketing services for this reason.

Beat local competition with

One of the best ways to beat your competition is by having superior marketing. This can be done through web design services which will include an optimized and professional looking website that’s fully responsive for all mobile devices. It can also be achieved through content marketing, email marketing, and leveraging other channels as we normally do for our clients. Without effective digital marketing, competitors will take your clients and gradually outgrow you.

Cost effective way to market your law firm

Billboards, direct mail, and traditional forms of marketing can be extremely expensive. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is a cost-effective way to market your law firm. You are able to take advantage of many different channels to reach leads where they spend their time: Google’s organic search, social media, etc. In fact, digital marketing spend in the U.S. reached $332 billion in 2021 alone.

You can easily measure digital marketing

How do you know how much revenue you are generating from your firm’s marketing efforts? In many cases, it’s difficult or impossible. Yet, you want to know the return on investment of your capital. With WiseMedia’s digital marketing services, you can have peace of mind knowing that we measure and report progress and performance on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked
Ottawa Law Firm Marketing Questions

You have questions about how WiseMedia can help your law firm in Ottawa, we have answers.

Why do Ottawa law firms need marketing?

In today’s age, digital marketing is critical. Legal clients use Google, social media, and other channels to find attorneys and learn about their services. Without effective online marketing, your firm will miss out on clients and revenue.

How long do projects take?

You can expect any given project to take a minimum of 30 days. Our team prides themselves in quality of work. We also work with many attorneys on a monthly basis to establish consistent growth.

What is your average project cost?

Every project we take on is unique and based on a firm’s goals. However, our average project ranges from $5,000-$10,000.

How long until I see results?

Our clients normally see more leads and results within the first few months of working with us or sooner depending on the exact project. 

What ROI can I expect?

It’s not uncommon for our digital marketing clients to experience outstanding return on investment. Since your legal customers have a high lifetime value, generating you leads on a regular basis easily covers our marketing fees.

How do I get started?

Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your goals and how WiseMedia can become your trusted partner.

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