Markham Law Firm SEO Services

With over 75% of searchers using Google, it’s essential to invest in SEO to tell your story online and attract more clients. If not, you risk having attention taken away from you and prevent your firm from gaining any traction on search engines.

WiseMedia is here to help, offering focused SEO services to one law firm per city, ensuring you have all our resources dedicated to getting you the top result and the clients that come with it. 

How Our Services Work

To start, we do comprehensive keyword research to see what type of phrases people search when they’re looking for your business. Next, we choose the best terms and monitor progress as needed until you appear in top results on Google.

Once we’ve found the keywords, then it’s time to optimize your website. This includes adding legal content on our site, providing value for visitors and letting Google know that our site is relevant for search terms.

Google will quickly see you as an authoritative law firm with our proven formula, and your online presence will start shifting to the top of search engine results. This increased client flow is what we aim for – more clients mean more revenue. SEO is an ongoing process, so we make sure to stay up-to-date on Google’s algorithm updates to avoid missing any opportunities that may arise from changes by optimizing campaigns accordingly.

What Makes Our Process Unique

What separates us from any other SEO provider is a commitment to law firms, guarantee results, and only working with one client per city.

We are 100% dedicated to helping law firms get consistent clients and grow their practice. We have experience working with over a hundred different kinds of teams and created our processes for these companies that help them reach the top search results in Google.

As well, we work with only one partner in each city. This means that our efforts are put into improving your SEO authority to solidify you as a top law firm in the area.

We are confident in our results, so if you don’t see the same level of success that we promise, then not only will our teamwork for free until your desired outcome is achieved, but they’ll also pay another agency out-of-pocket. We’ve seen it get accurate results alongside 100+ other law firms, and know that with us on your side, you too can be successful as well.

Benefits of Law Firm SEO Services

Law firms that work with us regarding SEO usually start because they are looking for the following results. If you are interested in getting similar outcomes by ranking on Google, definitely reach out for a free audit and consultation:

Beat local competition

SEO is an integral part of the success and marketing strategy for law firms. It’s essential to have high search engine rankings because clients use them when searching for lawyers in their area or with specific expertise, so if a firm isn’t ranking highly enough on these searches, it will lose out on business from competitors who are higher up.

Keep Your Website Updated

The best way to show up for people looking for legal help is by regularly updating and optimizing your web content. Our Markham law firm SEO services can make sure the site looks current and legitimate, making it easier for potential clients to contact you immediately after they see how easy it is to find you online.

Generate traffic to your site organically

Markham legal practice owners can’t afford not to take advantage of the opportunity provided by search engines. As a result, their websites get traffic and visitors without constantly spending money on expensive advertising campaigns.

Get more clients and cases.

If your Markham law firm has been around for a few years and most of your clients come from referrals, then chances are you have no accurate control over how many clients come to your practice. It makes it difficult to project into the future as you aren’t sure how many people will put in a good word. 

Ranking as the top result on Google for terms like “personal injury,” “business lawyer,” “divorce lawyer” means you will have steady and consistent traffic to your site, and in turn, a consistent list of interested clients reaching out. This makes it much easier to prepare for the future as you can accurately predict how many cases you can take on. 

Low Cost Per Lead

One of the most overlooked advantages of effective SEO is that it costs you less money per lead than other forms of advertising. Since potential clients are already interested in what your business has to offer, there’s no need for any attempts at selling when they call or visit.

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