London Law Firm Marketing Services

At WiseMedia, we know how important it is for law firms to stay on top of the ever-changing marketing industry. That’s why we offer a variety of services that will help your firm grow and succeed with our expertise in law firm marketing. We can handle everything from website design and development to search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click management (PPC). By choosing WiseMedia, you will be making a wise choice for your business.

How our London law firm marketing services work

Our process with every new law firm begins with a free consultation to discuss your goals, marketing challenges, and determine if we’re a good fit as a partner. From there, our team will research your business, industry, and competitors to find opportunities and where your marketing can be improved.

You will also receive a proposal that outlines all of WiseMedia’s available services that can help you with your firm’s individual situation. Once we’ve agreed upon working together, our team will send a deposit invoice and agreement that needs to be signed.

After this, WiseMedia’s marketing experts begin on the project’s deliverables, research, planning, and execution. We hold regular meetings with clients to update them on progress and results.

The advantages of digital marketing as an attorney

Are you on the fence about investing in marketing services? Consider these advantages you will be able to experience.

Generate more high quality leads

Digital marketing is one of the best channels for law firms to generate leads. WiseMedia executes SEO, content creation, and other strategies to attract your ideal client, not a general audience. We engineer a marketing funnel to then educate these prospects, build credibility, and push them to schedule a consultation. Your practice can have peace of mind a consistent pipeline of leads are coming in every month that have a high chance of converting.

Retain existing and new clients

It’s not only critical to attract new clients to your legal practice but keep them. Legal clients can be worth tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over the long term. Retaining them provides your legal practice with a healthier and more consistent revenue in the future. WiseMedia works with law firms to improve branding, reputation, and other areas to keep clients satisfied and working with your practice for as long as possible.

Dominate the competition

There is no shortage of competition as a law firm in London, Ontario. It’s essential that your practice has a strong digital presence to increase visibility more than other practices in your area. By working with WiseMedia, you will

Increase your prestige and brand reputation

As an attorney, you understand the reputation is everything. Providing a high quality service and experience helps you acquire more clients and be viewed positively by the local community. With WiseMedia’s law firm marketing services, you will greatly increase your firm’s reputation and image. This is achieved through publishing valuable content, enhancing your website, appearing on Google for relevant search terms, and more.

Frequently Asked
London Law Firm Marketing Questions

Questions we commonly receive about our digital marketing services.

What are the advantages of digital marketing Services?

WiseMedia’s team of marketing experts will help your law firm increase online visibility, generate more leads, acquire clients, and cut through the competition. In todays digital landscape, it’s critical that every legal practice uses online marketing to reach prospects. Otherwise, competition will quickly get ahead.

How long do projects take?

WiseMedia prides itself in establishing long term relationships with its clients. Because of this, it’s normal for law firms to work with us for many years and sustain consistent marketing growth and progress. However, every project is unique. That’s why we recommend scheduling a free consultation to learn more.

What is your average project cost?

Our minimum fee is $5,000-$10,000. Depending on the exact services and project, we offer custom quotes for clients.

How long until I see results?

Digital marketing is focused on long term sustainable growth. With this in mind, you can expect to see noticeable results within the first 3 months or working with WiseMedia. Growth continues to compound after this substantially.

What ROI can I expect?

What is a client worth to you? $30,000? $50,000? Our marketing retainers generate a significant ROI as we consistently help you acquire new clients on a monthly basis.

How do I get started?

Schedule a free consultation with our team of experts. During the phone call, we will discuss your goals, challenges, and where we can help. 

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