“Every day it felt like my career was slipping more and more into obscurity.”

You don’t need more than 5 minutes a day to be successful with getting clients. It requires 0 technical skills, and it is absolutely necessary if you currently rely on word of mouth. 

Lawyers in the program are already seeing results, and new legal professionals are joining every day. It’s time for you to get the same.

“If I had to do my career over, I would have prioritized client generation so much more.

This can skip years of hard work and time wasted, can’t thank you enough for the tactics”
testimonial 2
Mark A.
Lawyer & Member of the Program
“Knowing what I know now, I was a victim of circumstance before applying the training.

Finding clients seemed like a factor completely out of my control until now. Our first advertising results, 22 meeting requests and counting.”
testimonial 6
Jill T.
Lawyer & Member of the Program
WiseMedia Teachable

See Results From Legal Professionals

A Lawyer in a Large City Gets Daily Inquiries with No Tech Skills.

A legal professional in a competitive city applied our Google strategies which helped them get almost 400,000 site visits and a massive list of consultation inquiries.

This has cemented them as one of the top firms in their city and has allowed them to hire new staff and grow the firm – a concept that seemed impossible just a year ago.

*Screenshot they took of results*

*Screenshot they took of results*

A Solo Lawyer Is Receiving 25 Inquiries a Week.

A solo immigration lawyer is applying the strategies we’ve taught, which resulted in massive results in just a few months. 

When they started out on their own they only had a few word of mouth referrals and were worried how they were going to continue, now they are looking at bringing on a partner and expanding their services beyond immigration. 

He Became a Top Ranked Family Lawyer on Google, With Weekly Inquiries

A small family lawyer went from an obscure website to showing up for almost 200 different search queries in a few months. This massively increased how many calls and consultations they received.

This was an older lawyer that felt like his firm was fading into the past, and now feels like he could hire new staff and grow the firm. 

*Screenshot they took of results*

*Screenshot they took of results*

A Lawyer At a Small Practice Gets 200 Calls. They Had to Hire Just to Keep Up!

A small law firm that operates in multiple industries applied our lessons across immigration, real estate, and family law, and ended up receiving 200 calls with inquiries.

As you could imagine, this gave them full access over which cases to take on and hire new staff knowing that their lines are going to be busy with new work.  

An Older Family Lawyer Goes from No Calls to Daily Inquiries

A small family law firm went from practically 0 phone calls to daily inquiries and consultations, all from implementing a few changes to their website.

This was handled completely by their administrative assistant, and was done in a few days, almost immediately they saw changes and the calls continue to compound.

*Screenshot they took of results*

Lawyer Starting a Firm Launches with Email Inquiries Flooding Their Inbox

A family law firm generated hundreds of clicks to their website, resulting in a huge rise in consultations booked.

This was done by a lawyer launching their solo practice with 0 exposure beforehand, no technical skills, and was handled in the minutes between appointments.

Over 450 Inquiries for a Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate lawyer was able to get over 480 successful inquiries from a tiny advertising budget. The campaign was so successful that they actually had to turn it off to prepare for the inquiries.

They were able to hire new junior positions and keep the firm busy just to keep up with the calls. This was done by a lawyer with minimal technical skills, and only a few minutes each day.

*Screenshot they took of results*

*Screenshot they took of results*

An Immigration Lawyer Generates Over 1000 Inquiries with No Prior Experience

Over the summer, an immigration lawyer was able to generate 1,158 client requests on a small budget.

This was one of the best campaigns we have ever seen, and it was from an immigration lawyer who is a self described “luddite with 0 technical skills”.

The Wise Law Firm Marketing Program

The legal landscape is changing. Learn the skills that marketing agencies don’t want you to know and becoming a Modern Lawyer. All done with no tech skills required. 

Complete Bundle

What's Included in the Bundle:

Video lessons designed to easily be consumed and applied with no time required and zero technical skills. 

Core Competencies

A Catalogue of Premium Training Modules

The strategy you just saw are part of the 5 core competencies involved in the program, these are video lessons designed to easily be consumed, applied, with no time required and zero technical skills. 

Money Back Guarantee

BONUS #1: Money Back Guarantee

This program is designed to pay for itself by helping you generate new clients for your firm. If you implement the simple steps outlined above and don’t see a meaningful improvement in your client flow, you get a full refund no questions asked. 

Video Feedback

BONUS #2: Premium Support

Have questions when going through the lessons? Simply leave a comment and get a live video response answering your questions and providing more insight directly from us. Additionally, access all other student questions in a community that supports each other.

Lifetime Access to Updates

BONUS #3: Lifetime Access

Purchasing the program today gives you advanced access to all future updates to the program. As a lifetime member you will be notified whenever the course is updated with new videos or strategies, while those who purchase later will need to pay for access.  

Unlimited Seats

BONUS #4: Unlimited Seats

Purchasing the program allows you to add unlimited members in your organization. Train new hires, or pass along the teachings in this program to the rest of the firm at no cost to you. Those who purchase the course later will need to pay for individual seats. 

Diploma 2

BONUS #5: Expertise Certificate

Completing the program will award you – or any staff that complete the training – with a certificate of qualified skills. No matter where you practice law, you can confidently show that you have the proper training to help generate clients. 

Access the Entire Program

The legal landscape is changing. Learn the skills that marketing agencies don’t want you to know and becoming a Modern Lawyer. All done in 5 minutes with no tech skills required. 

Complete Bundle

Original Price of $997 USD

Sold by Marketing Agencies for $4,000 USD/month

WiseMedia Teachable

Note: Bonus items listed above are only available for a limited time. Once this promotion ends, they will not be accessible again.

Feedback and Testimonials

"Comparing them to other consultants I don't see anyone else offering as much value and service. You can tell when someone speaks with passion and truly enjoys their job, and I personally really value working with someone like that, as you know they'll put their full effort into it."
unnamed 1
Nick M.
Member of Program
"Working with WiseMedia was delightful. Incredibly hands on, and very responsive to requests. I'm not particularly knowledgeable with search ranking optimization but having an expert talk you through it went a long way. Sleek design of websites, and not once did I feel like my business was taken for granted."
testimonial 4
John W.
Member of Program
"One thing I really appreciate about Evan and the WiseMedia team is that they genuinely believe in the success of your brand. They were truthfully interested in how the brand was progressing and how they could help. I cannot recommend this team enough."
unnamed 2
John K.
Prior Client
"I was impressed by Evan's professionalism and knowledge - and the resulting growth to my brand awareness and traffic speak for themselves. Wise Media delivers results and works with you along the way; and I cannot recommend them enough."
unnamed 2
Harry R.
Prior Client
"Carmine and the team have drastically increased my income and growth in a matter of months. I'm so grateful for his mentorship and what the online trainings have done for me!"
Testimonial 1
Wendy K.
Member of Program
"After working with Evan, our company has seen exponential growth and we paid a lot more for these services else where without success. Thank you to Evan and the Wise Media team for the ongoing help and support and providing something we were unable to find anywhere else."
Raymond T.
Prior Client
"I'm getting massive value out of this program. I've done a few other courses and read some books on the topic, but the access to your feedback has really set this one above anything else."
testimonial 3
Taylor L.
Member of Program
"WiseMedia has exceeded my expectations on the consistent effort that Evan has put in to help me make my business a success. I would highly recommend any business looking to expand their customer base to set up a meeting with Evan at WiseMedia."
unnamed 4
David K.
Prior Client

A Program Designed For All Legal Professionals

Access the Entire Program

The legal landscape is changing. Learn the skills that marketing agencies don’t want you to know and becoming a Modern Lawyer. All done in 5 minutes with no tech skills required. 

Complete Bundle

Original Price of $997 USD

Sold by Marketing Agencies for $4,000 USD/month

WiseMedia Teachable

Note: Bonus items listed above are only available for a limited time. Once this promotion ends, they will not be accessible again.

Frequently Asked Questions

After purchasing the program, you will be redirected to the training portal and receive an email with instructions when you want to re-access it. Additionally, going to the WiseMedia site and navigating to the Login link in the top bar will allow you to login and access the course content.

Bookmark this page for easy access, and remember that you have lifetime access to the course and its content. If there are any changes to the program you will be emailed with an update. 

When purchasing the program, you’re protected by a money back guarantee. If you implement the strategies in the lessons and do not see the expected results, you can reach out to us with your details and receive your money back no questions asked.

If you did not receive the step-by-step guidance we promise, then our job would not have been complete, and you can reach out to the team and have 100% of your investment fully refunded. You will need to provide a few details so we can refund the correct account, and you will see the refund on your card usually within 1-3 business days.

While we cannot guarantee results, only show you what other students have accomplished. However, the course itself has been proven to help lawyers in all industries, regions, and firm sizes.

Additionally, the program has helped lawyers with 0 technical skills, and only a few minutes of time commitment per work day. The average member of the program sees results within 6-8 weeks, including more inquiries via their website and phone. However, these results will depend on your ability to implement the simple strategies and continue following the program.

The program is designed specifically for the busy work lifestyle of legal professionals, and videos are made to be consumed in short bursts and implemented in simple and straightforward ways.

All implementation strategies are not meant to take more than 5-10 minutes to do, and ongoing work will take even less time. If you are worried this will take a ton of time to work, you have nothing to worry about.

This program has been designed specifically for those with minimal technical skills and is not going to overwhelm you with technical details and confusing terminology. If you can use a mouse (like you are doing on this page) then you are more than qualified to implement the strategies of this program.

Marketing agencies want to make it seem that the strategies required to be successful are steeped in confusing acronyms and graphs, masking the fact that the most effective strategies really only take a few minutes of work and can be done by anyone.

Occasionally, some students run into problems due to their computer or current setup and through the question section we are able to address them. If a student is having technical issues beyond the scope of the program, we always make sure to help direct them to customer service or support staff that can assist. We don’t want to leave you in the dark.

Then this program is essential. Did you know that – Based on a Clio study – on average 52% of potential referrals end up picking your competition after doing research online? Every year this number is increasing, and it is purely based on the fact that your local competition is out-doing you in the key moment before they decide who to hire.

Every year referrals will chip away until eventually you are left behind for those that have adapted to the changing landscape. If you only rely on word of mouth for clients, then this program is even more important to consider.

The strategies in this program are effective for both personal and corporate law, and we have made steps to use examples from a wide variety of areas in our program. After working with over 100 law firms in a variety of sizes and industries – we have pieced together the universal aspects that are critical for a modern law firm to understand and apply. Additionally, the program goes into detail on specific examples of the tactics in action.

For instance, did you know that family lawyers cannot run advertisements on Facebook, and if they do they are at risk of being banned? These types of caveats will not be found in general marketing knowledge and are in our program because we have been working alongside lawyers for so many years.

Having instant access to video content means the program can be entirely handled at your own pace. Whether you’re going through the program yourself or passing it along to an admin assistant to complete, each program designed to take about 30 days to fully process and implement.

Regardless of the speed, you’ll have lifetime access to the full program as well as any new modules that launch. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Purchasing the program allows you to submit questions directly to us, which are responded to in video format. This allows us to speak directly to you, and build up a library of common questions we have received. This has influenced lessons, and allows us to provide hyper-relevant feedback to you to help you with the program.

Take the next step and secure a legacy for your firm.

There is a massive change happening in the legal industry, those that don’t adapt will be left behind. Make sure you secure your future.

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