Hamilton Law Firm SEO Services

Google accounts for over 70% of all global desktop search traffic. In today’s digital world, having a strong search engine presence will help you be discovered by more legal clients and beat competitors. After all, most of your competition is already on the first page of Google or implementing strategies to get there. It’s critical that your law firm in Hamilton invests in search engine optimization (SEO) for these reasons.

How our Hamilton law firm SEO services work

Our SEO experts go to work right away and start by performing keyword research. We analyze your competitors’ websites, keep track of search engine algorithm updates (like Google Panda), monitor your local legal community, and discover what words or phrases people in Hamilton use when looking for a lawyer like yours.

Once we’ve identified the highest converting keywords for driving traffic to your website, we’ll begin optimizing your site to rank high on these terms. This includes strategically adding keyword-rich content in places that are relevant within the text so that you rank higher on Google searches.

With our team of proven search engine optimization techniques, Google will see you as an authoritative law firm and move your site up in their rankings accordingly. In addition, this also generates your practice more loyal clients and referrals.


Benefits of Hamilton law firm SEO services

Why should your law firm invest in SEO services like what we offer at WiseMedia? Here are a few reasons.

Beat the local competition

Search engine rankings are a vital part of any successful law firm’s marketing strategy. In the legal business, clients don’t go to the websites at the top: they go to the websites that appear in searches where they expect local lawyers or attorneys to be listed. If you’re not showing up in these results, that means your competitors will be getting more business than you are.

Keep your website updated

The best way for people looking for legal help online to find you is by regularly updating and optimizing your web content. Our Hamilton law firm SEO services can make sure your site looks current and legitimate for search engines and visitors alike—which makes it easier for potential clients to contact you and hire your practice.

Generate traffic organically

Search engines make it possible to surface your law firm’s website in searches with terms that are likely to be used by local clients searching for legal services. If you own a Hamilton legal practice, you can’t afford not to take advantage of the opportunity this provides. As a result, your practice gets traffic and visitors without having to constantly spend money on expensive advertising campaigns.

Get more clients and cases

If your Hamilton law firm has been around for a few years and most of your clients come from referrals, then chances are you have “maxed out” on people knowing about and using your service.

By adding social media marketing, blog writing and other more modern communication tools into one uniform web design package, we can help get the word out about your firm so that potential clients will know why they should hire you when they need an attorney.

Low cost per lead

One of the most overlooked advantages of effective SEO is that it costs you less money per lead than other forms of advertising. When your potential client calls or visits, they are already interested in what you have to offer, so there’s no need to try and sell them on your services.

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