Entrepreneur Burnout – How it Happens and What To Do

Picking up where our friends at Mastro Digital left off, we are continuing our analysis of entrepreneur burnout with interviews with how different high performers cope with the stress of forging your own path.

When working hard, you risk the potential of entrepreneur burnout. Losing that drive and focus to keep going can destroy both your external business and cause internal turmoil.

We interviewed entrepreneurs in a variety of contexts to understand how they cope with stress, and keep going for the long haul. Remember that your career is a marathon, not a sprint. Making sure you take the time to prepare will mean a world of difference in the long run.

The owner of the FOREX Education site WyseTrade talked about mindset when we asked him how he avoids burnout:

“Focusing time and energy on the important tasks that really drive the company and that excite you and to outsource the mundane day to day tasks such as email reply, social media & upkeep.

When you do things you love and you know that every minute you spend on something you own goes back I you own pocket and not someone else’s, it lays the foundation towards a motivated mindset which helps you stay away from burning out, in contrasts to doing tasks that don’t inspire you and working towards someone else’s goals.”

Get in touch with your body

Adam Pappas, founder of Phronnesis, a mindfulness training site for young adults, uses yoga and meditation as a way to avoid burnout:

“As an entrepreneur your work never leaves you, there is no clocking in at the end of the day and suddenly you change your focus. This can cause burn-outs taking time out of efficient work periods. Personally I use mindfulness in order to recharge my mind and perform at my top quality.

Every morning I follow a vinyasa flow yoga routine that allows me to anchor my mind in the present which minimizes sporadic thinking and helps me focus on individual tasks. In the afternoon I follow a meditation refreshing routine that allows me to let go of problems that are consuming my energy and approach the remaining work hours with a clear mindset.”

Get the coffee smell off your clothes and leave your smartphone at home and just go for a walk. You will be amazed how much good it can do for you. In the absence of music, podcasts, phone calls, or message notifications, your brain has time to relax and reflect.

Talking and Listening

Carmine, the digital marketing and web design expert at carminemastropierro.com, takes a holistic approach to avoiding burnount, finding a balance between a variety of activities:

“To avoid burnout, I’d first recommend taking a break every set amount of time throughout the day. This could be every 45 minutes or hour for example.

During that time, go for a walk, grab coffee or another low effort activity to refresh your mind. Secondly, make time during the week to pursue hobbies, take care of your health, and spend time with friends. When you find the right balance between work and life, you avoid burnout and grow in all areas.”

“Reflect on what aspects of the company are turning you off. A lot of people create the exact environment they got into entrepreneurship to escape from by hiring too fast or scaling in the wrong way.

Talking it out might help you pinpoint your exact issues, and instead of torching the whole company you can make some precise changes that will have a profound effect on your mental health.

With taking breaks, practicing physical and mental therapy, and talking it out, you have all the tools necessary to reframe your experiences and come back to business with a healthy mindset.”

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