We Can Move Your Business Processes Online.

WiseMedia can help your business adapt to social distance. Let us take your in-person tasks and make them digital, so you can focus on what you do best. 

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The Future Is Waiting for Your Company.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and people are moving further apart. Your business has always handled everything in-person, but now you are being asked to adapt.

How are you going to handle meetings with social distance? What about quotes, contracts, consultations, and more? It can be overwhelming thinking about how many things will change, but also delivering the same quality that your customers expect.

But it does not have to be that way.

WiseMedia can help move your essential business processes online. We have helped over 100 clients digitize their business and transition their company into the new age. We can help you meet your customers where they are so that you can THRIVE during these challenging times.

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How We Digitize Your Business.

Every business is unique. So instead of offering you cookie-cutter solutions, we tailor-make a plan that will help move your business online. Learn more about some of the ways we can help your business transition.

Sales Digitization

Move your entire sales process online and meet your customers where they are. Book meetings online, have them sync with your Calendar, send automatic followups, and more.

Marketing Digitization

Word-of-mouth has been the lifeblood of your business; we can help you transition that online, so you can still be the best in your community for years to come.

Employee Digitization

It’s time to move payroll, project management, internal announcements, onboarding, and more online. Working from home is becoming the new norm; it is time for you to adapt.

The Business Digitization Process:

Book a Free Consultation:

The first step is to reach out and book a free consultation with our team. From there, we can understand a bit more about your business, and what processes would be the best to transition online.

Create a Digitization Roadmap:

Our team lays out the entire business road map and reviews it with you to ensure you’re on board with every change. No surprises or feeling disappointed with the result. Instead, you’re fully informed through the process, ensuring your business will successfully transition to the digital world.

Digitize Your Business:

We then start moving your business processes online. Using our market-leading tools we ensure your new methods work correctly and keep the same quality your customers have come to expect. Whether it is creating a virtual showroom, a quote generator, or an on-site chatbot, we make sure everything works flawlessly.

Launch and Thrive:

Finally, we get the green light from you and launch your new processes to the world, helping your team make a smooth transition. We set up tracking tools so you can measure the results of the changes. You can sit back, knowing you have adapted to the new world, and set your business up to succeed for the next decade and beyond.

Sales Digitization Full Features:


Setup a chatbot on your site to answer any customer questions, and seamlessly lead them to book an appointment with you.

Appointment Booking:

Have an appointment booking platform on your site that syncs with your calendar to determine availability. Appointment reminders are sent before the meeting, and after nudging them to work with you.

Video Meeting Integration:

Seamlessly book and run appointments on Zoom, Skype, and Teams, we can help set up the tech, to ensure any meeting with a client you make the best impression.

Quote Generator:

Create an easy-to-use application for generation quotes for clients, have them put in different answers to questions, and generate an easy solution for them so they can know how much to expect to pay when working with you. No more unnecessary phone calls or email chains trying to give them the right answer.

E-Commerce Integration:

Sell products or services and want to transition online? We can create a virtual storefront for your business, making it easy to browse and purchase from you all off their phone or laptop.

Employee Digitization Full Features:

Timesheet Online Logging:

Make it easy for employees to check-in and out, and track time spent working from their phone. This works even when working from home, assembling it all on easy to use sheets for payroll processing.

Online Storage:

Stop asking for USBs or resending emails, migrate your companies databases to highly secure cloud storage. Everyone has access to the same documents, and can even edit them in real-time. No more losing documents, or grabbing the wrong revision, move to the cloud.

Employee Database:

Create a live and updated employee database on the website, showcasing every member, displayed on easy-to-navigate maps or a full company directory. Either for internal use or to showcase to your customers.

Project Management Tool:

Manage projects even when working in different locations using project management tools like Trello or Asana. We can set your organization up with these tools, do training on how to implement them properly, and give you tools to ensure everyone is meeting their deadlines.

Employee Training and Manuals:

Hiring a new employee? Rely on in-person training to get hires up to speed? You can now migrate all training to online learning platforms that allow your employees to go through modules on their own time. They can learn everything required off their phone or computer, integrating more efficiently and raising the knowledge of your team.

Marketing Digitization Full Features:

Online Reputation Management:

We can help you create a focused plan to improve your online reputation, sourcing the right kind of reviews, and updating your website using Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Doing this, you’ll become an essential business in your local community. Virtual word of mouth!

Webinar and Live Training

Broadcast to your network with live training that allows you to engage and sell your services to potential clients. Online education is set to become the norm, moving on it early will allow you to secure a large dedicated audience online. We can help you arrange the broadcasts and promote them, having people tune in to every show!

Virtual Showroom

Create a 3D virtual showroom you can walk through off your phone or laptop, showcasing the beautiful space and products that social distance has affected.

Email Marketing:

Keep your network informed and engaged with your business using email marketing. We can use your current list or help you grow your list using free offers, then hitting them with emails designed to help them, and encourage them to work with you. Build your reputation even from home using email marketing.

Creating and Running a Blog:

Answer questions for clients, and display your expertise on an online blog, getting more traffic to your site, which turns into more clients.

Not Sure What Digitization Service is Right for You?

It might be overwhelming thinking about what type of ways you need to move your business online. After helping 100+ companies navigate this transition, we’re sure we can help. 

Contact us and explain your situation so we can understand your symptoms and prescribe a straightforward and effective solution. Simply reach out and book a free consultation with our team.

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