The 13 Best Live Chat For Lawyers

As a lawyer, you know how important it is to have an effective client support system in place. You want potential clients to be able to reach out with questions whenever they need help. In fact, 79% of people prefer live chat because they can have their questions answered immediately.

Live chat stats

This blog post will discuss the best live chat software for lawyers with each solution’s pricing, features, and information.

Why do lawyers need live chat?

Live chat is an important tool that lawyers should utilize for their business. It provides a direct line of communication with potential clients and it gives your law firm a more personable feel, which can help to attract new customers.

The cost of this software may be low in comparison to the cost of losing a client due to poor customer service! You’ll never know if something as simple as providing great online support will give you an edge over other firms unless you try it out. In most cases, the free trial lasts long enough for you to see how beneficial real-time messaging can be.

A well-designed live chat program offers many benefits including collecting prospect’s information, client satisfaction, and your website’s user experience.

The best live chat for lawyers

These are the best live chat solutions for law firms and attorneys.


Acquire live chat

Acquire is a live chat solution that is built on helpful integrations, artificial intelligence, and staying modern in a quickly changing world. It helps law firms connect with prospects and convert them into clients.

Some of the biggest companies in the world like Samsung, Lexus, and Sun Life Financial trust Acquire.

Attorneys can provide immediate answers and information for visitors when they land on your website. Automate work with chatbots, boost revenue, and improve the customer experience.

Other notable features include:

  • Auto-translate conversations into more than 100 languages to help clients from all backgrounds.
  • Match live chat to your firm’s colours and branding.
  • Share files, perform voice calls, and more directly from the livechat.
  • View customer history through a timeline view.
  • Measure engagement through analytics and data.
  • Route chat to live agents in the click of a button.

Want to learn more? Book a demo today.

2. ApexChat


ApexChat is an advanced, but user-friendly live chat solution that is ideal for firms of all sizes. It can be easily integrated with many popular web platforms including WordPress. Unlike some other solutions, ApexChat’s support professionals chat with your visits, send you qualified leads, and can connect them with your team.

ApexChat also features a comprehensive dashboard to monitor client interactions in real-time, as well as use built-in integrations to capture leads directly on your website. These are sent straight into the user’s email or CRM system for follow-up at their convenience!   

The solution includes CRM integration, marketing reports, 24/7 operators, leads tracking among other useful capabilities. You must contact ApexChat to get a demo and request a quote.

3. Ruby

Ruby live chat

Ruby is a solution for law firms that provides them with online chat specialists and virtual receptionists. The chat specialists are knowledgeable and have a good understanding of legal topics.

There is also the option to use their team of virtual receptionists, who can answer calls or forward them to other phone numbers as well as email addresses. This software provides law firms with analytics that show which clients were contacted on certain days at what times from whom from where among other useful information.

The solution has an easy installation process, it’s affordable and includes unlimited chats per month plus 24/365 support. It also features intelligent routing so you won’t miss out on any potential revenue opportunities while your website visitors wait in queue for live assistance.

Ruby, unlike some of the other software we researched, has its pricing listed directly on its website.

Ruby live chat pricing

There are currently four plans to choose from:

  • Call Ruby 100 ($349/month): Up to 100 receptionist minutes.
  • Call Ruby 200 ($629/month): Up to 200 receptionist minutes.
  • Call Ruby 350 ($1,049/month): Up to 350 receptionist minutes.
  • Call Ruby 500 ($1,499/month): Up to 500 receptionist minutes.

Each plan also includes a robust mobile app, customer support, integrations, customized experiences (holding music, greetings, etc.), and more.

4. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ offers law firms an all-in-one live chat and analytics software. The solution allows you to engage with your visitors via live chat, phone calls, or email. This application will be able to help law firms during all stages of the sales cycle.

It records data like when clients were contacted on certain days at what times from whom from where among other useful information. The software includes an easy installation process and is affordable plus it comes with 24/365 support! For more details please contact Zoho SalesIQ via email.

Zoho SalesIQ has a free plan available for small teams as well as scalable plans based on your needs.

Zoho pricin

There are currently four plans available:

  • Free (Free): File sharing, track/engage 10,000 visitors per month, 100 chat sessions per month, canned replies, basic visitor information, mobile SDK, credit card masking, Zoho app integrations, and daily reports.
  • Basic ($8.75/month): Everything in Free plus email signature chat, chat transfer, track/engage 50,000 visitors per month, 1,000 chat sessions per month, 1 custom chatbot, departments, chat routing, articles and FAQs, proactive chat triggers, lead scoring, business hours, branding, visitor chat history, screen sharing, and third party integrations.
  • Professional ($15.94/month): Everything in Basic plus data and action widgets, block IP, track and engage 100,000 visitors per month, unlimited chat sessions, 5 custom chatbots, Telegram messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, operator chat messaging, Apple TV app, and weekly/monthly reports.
  • Enterprise ($25/month): Everything in Professional plus chat translation, company profile enrichment, track and engage 200,000 visitors per month, content management, cloud Telephony and PBX, 10 custom chatbots, and Answer Bot.


CUGIC homepage

CUGIC is fast, reliable, and scalable live chat software. It includes live chat support, reporting, social media integration, video call support, and other additional features like language transitions.

CUGIC offers a 14-day free trial with a basic setup, user-friendly dashboard, and unlimited potential for law firms that want to deliver a better client experience and acquire clients.

Cugic pricing

The four plans CUGIC offers are:

  • Free (Free): 2 concurrent chats, 2 agent accounts, 30-day chat history, embedded chat window, and data security.
  • Professional ($9.50/month): Unlimited chats, unlimited agent accounts, unlimited chat history, pop-up or embedded chat window, data security, 4 departments, 4 triggers, basic reports, and basic chat customization.
  • Enterprise ($16/month): Everything in Professional plus advanced data security, unlimited departments, unlimited triggers, advanced reports, and API integration.
  • Enterprise Plus ($35/month): Everything in Enterprise plus custom chat logo window, real-time monitoring, agent activity, dedicated account manager, and widget unbranding.

6. Client Chat Live

Client chat live

Client Chat Live is a live chat solution for law firms that was built in 2008. Some of its main features include a chat feature installed on your website, deep customization, custom chat scripts, 24/7/365 professional chat operators, live phone transfer, CRM integration, and monthly reports.

Client Chat Live offers a 14-day free trial with unlimited potential, advanced reporting tools, multiple agent licensing options, etc. You can install the chat feature directly on your website and customize the scripts. It integrates directly with your CRM so you can collect prospects’ information.

You can contact them here to receive a quote.

7. HappyFox


HappyFox has won the Best Help Desk Software award from PC Magazine for 5 years in a row. They offer an all-in-one help desk ticketing system that provides faster and better support for your legal clients.

When you use HappyFox, you’re receiving a one-stop-shop to handle all of your client inquiries. You don’t have to worry about support requests falling through the cracks and you get more done in less time.

There are four plans you can choose from. However, you must request pricing.

HappyFox pricing
  • Mighty: Omnichannel ticket creation, SLA management, knowledge base, SSL, integrations, and migration assistance.
  • Fantastic: Everything in Might plus multi-brand helpdesk, SLA breach notifications, custom ticket queues, 24/7 email support, and optional EU data center.
  • Enterprise: Everything in Fantastic plus proactive agent collision, task management, asset management, 24/7 email and chat support, and uptime SLA.
  • Enterprise Plus: Everything in Enterprise plus agent scripting, 2 TB attachment storage, all time reporting history, 24/7 email/chat/phone support, and a customer success manager.

8. SnapEngage


This live chat is similar to the previous one, but it offers more security. It has a built-in spam filter and allows you to block specific cities or countries from chatting with you. For example, if your law firm specializes in family cases then you can prevent anyone outside of that area from contacting you.

The software also comes with an integration platform for CRM systems like Salesforce and Zendesk.

SnapEngage enables law firms to drive more sales and convert more leads. After all, a live chat for lawyers shouldn’t just be placed on a website and left alone. It powers real-world results by engaging clients in a friendly conversation when they need it the most.

You can use SnapEngage’s automation features to synchronize leads with contacts in your CRM and automate conversation flows. Integrate your live chat with SMS, Messenger, WeChat, and tweets to engage prospects wherever they are.

You can choose from the following three plans.

SnapEngage pricing
  • Essentials ($21/month): Help desk integration, omnichannel conversations, and security compliance.
  • Professional ($34/month): Everything in Essentials plus customer experience bots, and all engagement features.
  • Enterprise (Contact): Everything in Professional plus advanced customer experience bots, integrations, conversation management, security compliance, sales features, support, and onboarding services.

9. Clio

This a cloud-based practice management software for lawyers. One of the many features available in Clio is live chat integrations to engage with visitors and make them feel like they’re talking directly to your office even when you’re not around. That means you can take the software mentioned in this article, connect it, and also get all of the other marketing capabilities Clio has to offer.

Clio offers three different plans: Starter, Boutique, Elite, Suite, and Enterprise.


You can also try many of these plans for free if you would like to test one before investing fully.

10. Ngage


Ngage can give your law firm live operators to engage users 24/7. You’ll never miss an opportunity to convert a potential client again. Operates will create relationships with users, educate them about your firm, and guide them towards taking action. Otherwise, you would have to hire in-house employees to take care of this.

Each visitor on your firm is greeted and has a chance to navigate away if they wish to do so. Highly-trained operators collect information about their situation and connect them with your team.

You also gain access to award-winning technical support to help you every step of the way. Adopting technology like live chat can be difficult and time-consuming so this is extremely helpful.

A great benefit of Ngage is that they have solutions developed superficially for law firms, maximizing the return of investment you generate.

11. ChatAgents

Chat Agents

Would you pay $249/month for live chat agents to monitor your website, drive leads, and lower your cost per acquisition? Chat Agents can help you accomplish that. They provide a fully managed live chat solution with real human agents. You can focus on your strengths and let Chat Agents’ team handle the rest.

With Chat Agents, you receive unlimited chats, no cost per lead, and no cost per chat. They will match or beat any competitor’s price so you can stop overpaying. You can choose from one of the following plans.

Chat Agents pricing

12. Freshworks


Freshworks (previously Freshchat), makes chatting with your clients digitally easier than ever. They are used by over 50,000 businesses to deliver effortless customer service experiences. You can generate more leads and improve prospects’ experience on your website with Freshworks’ conversational messaging and artificial intelligence capabilities.

You can view all of your messages in one place, centralizing data and making the live chat experience simpler to manage for your team. Everything from website chat to WhatsApp, Messenger, and more can be found on the Freshworks dashboard.

Deploy AI-driven chatbots on all messaging apps and devices to reach more prospects and convert them. This helps you reduce the cost per acquisition and the cost of customer service.

Start a free 21-day trial here.

13. ZenDesk Chat


Last but not least is ZenDesk. This solution helps your firm add messaging to your website and social channels to create conversations with people that convert. They offer a free trial and demo if you need to see or try the software before committing as well.

ZenDesk’s messaging capabilities are flexible. You can add bots that take care of most of the conversation and then have an agent jump in when necessary. Customer data can be leveraged to personalize experiences and drive more engagement. These chatbots are fully customizable and you don’t need to know how to code!

There are also integrations that add extra functionality and features to conversations and the chatbots you build with ZenDesk. For instance, you can add a location map with directions when someone asks for your firm’s address.

You can choose between one of the following plans.

Zendesk pricing

Final thoughts on the best live chat for lawyers

Live chat is a great lead generation and communication channel for firms and attorneys. Enabling live chat on your website and other channels like social media helps you:

  • Create meaningful conversations with prospects.
  • Generate leads and move people closer to taking action.
  • Educate people about your firm’s expertise, practice areas, and value proposition.
  • Reduce customer service costs with automation and outsourcing.

Schedule a demo or try a free trial with some of the live chat solutions we outlined in this article. You can also reach out to WiseMedia if you need marketing experts to help you with the process.

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