The 9 Best Law Firm CRM - Features, Pricing, and More

The 9 Best Law Firm CRM – Features, Pricing, and More

Did you know that 91% of businesses with over 11 employees use CRM software? After a certain point, your law firm will have a lot of data and information that hafirms to be organized. You can’t rely on spreadsheets and physical paper past a certain threshold. Otherwise, you become disorganized and risk error and slowing down your practice’s growth. That’s where legal CRMs come into the picture. This article will outline the best CRM for law firms with each software’s pros and cons.

What is a law firm CRM?

A law firm CRM is a customer relationship management platform used for storing data and managing relationships with your clients.

Why should law firms use a CRM?

There are many advantages to using a law firm CRM, including:

  • Having a clear view of not just who you work with but what they need, who their competitors are, where they are located and so much more means you will always be ahead of the game.
  • Improved customer service by having access to key information such as previous conversations and needs.
  • Marketing made easier by following up on leads that have been generated automatically or manually.
  • Reduced errors in communication through centralizing client details.
  • Greater visibility into billable hours which improves your profitability.

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Best CRM for law firms

Next, let’s discuss 9+ CRM software your legal practice needs to consider.

1. Clio


Clio is a cloud-based practice management system that provides lawyers with the tools to handle their caseloads efficiently and conveniently. This CRM software for law firms comes with built-in time tracking and billing features, which means you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on client service.

Some of its main features include:

  • Advanced email templates.
  • Virtual phone lines.
  • Calendar integration.
  • Billing integration (QuickBooks, Xero).
  • A robust search function, as well as contact lists.
  • Document storage capabilities; and a host of other customized add-ons.


Clio offers several pricing plans depending on what your law firm requires. The first is Clio Manage: Starter which is $39/month. It gives you tools to track time, send invoices, and bill clients.

Clio Manage: Boutique is priced at $59/month, offering 200+ integrations to other tools, a custom dashboard, online card payments, and more.

Clio Manage: Elite is $99/month, giving you access to advanced reporting, tasks, full text search, and live training. This is their most popular plan.

Then, there is Clio Suite coming in at $125/month. You receive a legal CRM, email automation, account setup, and the Clio Grow add-on for free.

Clio Grow itself is priced at $49/month and can be added to any plan. It helps improve the client onboard process while giving you data-driven insights.


  • Starts at a reasonable $39/month.
  • Several plans to choose from depending on your needs.
  • Hundreds of integrations to other tools and software your firm uses.
  • All the features you need to grow your firm and manage relationships.


  • You must pay for the $59/month plan to gain access to credit card processing.
  • Some integrations are known to have hiccups and break.

2. AbacusNext


AbacusNext is a legal management software that helps you manage cases, calendar scheduling, billing, email, and more. In fact, they offer three main solutions for law firms:

  • Amicus Cloud (for solo to small firms).
  • Amicus Attorney (for small to large firms).
  • AbacusLaw (All-in-one management software).

With AbacusLaw your firm will benefit from daily automated alerts that are sent out to everyone in your firm automatically without having to copy over dozens of email addresses manually or set up mail rules on Outlook or Gmail which can be a logistical headache to say the least.

You also receive a robust mobile application for iOS and Android. This way, your team can always be managing contacts and staying in touch with clients.


Amicus Cloud is the entry level plan that helps you automate your law firm and daily work. You can get started for free without a credit card here. After the 14 day trial, you will be billed $49/user/month when billed annually or $59/user/month when billed on a monthly basis.

The next plan, Amicus Attorney, has a free demo that you can schedule here. A representative will reach out and find a time where they can run you through the software and answer any questions. They will also discuss pricing based on your firm’s goals and budget.

AbacusLaw, the full-stack practice management software, also requires you to schedule a demo or call for pricing.


  • Several different solutions to choose from.
  • Free trial for entry level plan.
  • Free demo for Amicus Attorney and AbacusLaw.
  • Everything you need from managing cases to billing and generating forms.


  • Expensive compared to other CRMs.
  • Some users claim the reporting is not up to par with other CRMs.
  • Add-ons can break.

3. CASEpeer


CASEpeer, a leading provider of online case management software designed for personal injury law firms, boosts your practice from intake to settlement. Every account includes ready-to-use reports and management screens so you can make smarter decisions quickly. You’ll convert more leads, see better results, and have insight into your cases with CASEpeer’s intuitive web design for attorneys.

CASEpeer is the easiest way to take control of your practice for less than what you’re paying now. Stop struggling with out-of-date technology that creates barriers between you and valuable information about each case.


CASEpeer starts at $65/month per user. They offer several different pricing packages depending on the exact features and capabilities your firm requires. These include:

  • Solo: $65/user/month (1-3 users).
  • Emerging: $75/user/month (4-9 users).
  • Enterprise: $85/user/month (10+ users).


  • An intuitive task management system that organizes your daily activities.
  • Easy to use.
  • Keeps track of all of the important details of cases and contacts.


  • Some users report bugs and glitches after updates.
  • Missing some important integrations like DropBox.

4. CosmoLex


CosmoLex is an online law practice management solution. It reduces the hassle of juggling multiple systems for billing, accounting, and other tasks by bringing all these functionalities into one place. It also includes a credit card processing module so you never have to pay a monthly fee again. Best of all is that it is accessed from anywhere meaning that you can work on the go.


There is no free version of CosmoLex unlike other law firm CRMs. However, there is a free trial that you can use to determine if the software suits your needs. The paid version of CosmoLex is priced at $79/user/month when billed annually. If you choose to pay month-to-month, it’s $89/user/month. CosmoLex asks you to call them for tiered pricing if you require more than 10 users.


  • Free built-in credit card processing without any monthly fees.
  • Unlimited training and support.
  • Unlimited file storage.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free trial to test out the software.


  • Can’t perform bulk deposits.
  • Some users encounter bugs when new featured are rolled out.
  • Data entry can be inefficient and time-consuming.

5. LawGro


Law firms can use LawGro to organize their departments and identify the best practices for success. The rewards are worth the investment in terms of time-savings, efficiency, improved client relations, and better collaborations among lawyers within your firm.

One of the differentiators of LawGro is that it is based on artificial intelligence (AI). This technology helps you accurately capture billable hours, save time on administrative tasks, improve reporting, and offers greater data security.


LawGro offers three different pricing plans. The first is Starter priced at $29/user/month when billed annually or $39/user/month when billed monthly. This gives you 3 team members, 15 hours of time/week, 3 custom rules, and email support.

Growth is priced at $59/user/month when billed annually or $69/user/month when billed monthly. This plan offers up to 25 team members, unlimited advanced/custom rules, personalized onboarding, and more.

The enterprise version of LawGro requires you to contact them to receive a quote. It offers unlimited team members, file time, rules, and everything large law firms need to grow and remain organized.


  • Free versions of the Starter and Growth plans are available to try.
  • Enterprise version.
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android along with a desktop app for Mac and Windows.
  • One of the only law firm CRMs with artificial intelligence.


  • Document generation is complex.
  • Can have a steep learning curve.
  • Needs better payment integrations.

6. Lawmatics


Lawmatics is one of the most user-friendly and affordable CRM software for law firms that provides tools that allows you to organize your client intake, manage their interactions with your firm, create personalized marketing campaigns & captures leads.


Lawmatics is more expensive than some of the other legal CRMs we’ve compiled for this list. The Client Intake plan starts at $99/month for a single user and 10,000 contacts. Each additional user is $49/month and there is a $399 one-time setup fee. This plan helps law firms with onboarding and retaining clients.

The next plan, Intake + Marketing, costs $129/month and includes 1 user + 15,000 contacts. Each new user is $59/month and there is also a $399 one-time setup fee. This plan gives you tools to nurture leads and convert more clients.

Keep in mind that you can schedule a demo to see the software first-hand while also asking questions.


  • Lawmatics has a focus on marketing, automation, and lead nurturing if that is a challenge for your legal practice.
  • Saves you a significant amount of time thanks to automation features.
  • Customizable based on your firm’s needs.


  • Plans are more expensive than many other CRMs we’ve reviewed.
  • Lacks features that other software has, although they are constantly updating it.
  • Could have better billing and payment features.

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7. Law Ruler


Law Ruler is the best CRM for law firms. It has a large selection of modules that assists with case intake, attorney-client communication, and multiple reporting tools. The software also has customer service tools to help encourage account growth.

In particular, Law Ruler is used by mass tort, social security disability, personal injury, employment, criminal defense, immigration, and civil litigation attorneys.

With competitive pricing, you gain access to marketing automation, CRM features, streamlined processes, and personalized done-for-you setup from a Law Ruler representative.


Law Ruler comes in at $89/month per user and unfortunately does not offer a free version. However, you can register to get a 14-day trial to test the software. You can look forward to features such as:

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration.
  • Legal CRM.
  • Legal billing.
  • Advanced document management.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Email marketing software.
  • And more.


  • Offers all of the features you need to manage clients, intake, case information, and more.
  • Includes workflow automation to save time and energy on daily tasks.
  • Custom report builder to measure performance.


  • No free version.
  • Pricing is not listed directly on the website.
  • Lacks some important integrations.

8. LeanLaw


This CRM is one of the most affordable solutions on our list but it has a refined interface that is ideal for those who are looking to be efficient and organized without it being overly complex or hard to use.

While it lacks a lot of bells and whistles common with other solutions, LeanLaw still offers benefits like time tracking, QuickBooks integration, batch invoicing, and more.


LeanLaw is on the inexpensive side, starting at $30/month for the Core plan when billed annually. If you opt for monthly billing, you still only pay $35/month. This gives attorneys timekeeping, invoicing, reporting, and accounting features.

Pro costs $45/month when billed annually or $50/month month-to-month. You receive Core’s features plus advanced roles, custom reporting, compensation tracking, LEDES billing, and matter based accounting.

LeanLaw’s turn-key solution is called Complete. You must contact a sales rep to get a quote. It includes migration from your existing solution, complete set-up, advanced report templates, and access to top legal accounting experts.


  • One of the most affordable legal CRMs on the market.
  • Great for solo practitioners or very small practices.
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • Lacks integration with other platforms and tools.
  • No advanced analytics, data, or reporting.

9. Litify


Built on Salesforce, Litify’s platform gives law firms everything they need to be the most efficient firm possible and make sure that your clients are well taken care of. Some of its main features include a robust CRM, intake management, document management, document generation, email, timekeeping, billing, and referrals.


Litify is one of the most expensive legal CRMs available. It begins at $200/user/month and does not offer a free trial or version, but you can schedule a demo.


  • Cloud based which offers better security and reliability.
  • Built on the flexible and robust Salesforce platform.
  • Customizable to your practice’s needs.


  • One of the most expensive solutions.
  • Migration from other solutions can be difficult.
  • Requires add-ons to fully unlock its potential.

Final thoughts on the best law firm CRMs

Whether you’re running a small or large law firm, a CRM is a great investment for any legal practice. Instead of manually entering data and being disorganized, a CRM will streamline your billing, scheduling, finances, client data, and more. All of these things are placed under one roof which means you don’t have to juggle several tools at once as well.

We recommend that you test out various software to find the one that is the most suitable for your firm. Free demos and trials are suggested if they are available.

If you need help acquiring more clients and growing your practice, learn more about our legal marketing courses.

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