The 11 Best Email Marketing Software For Lawyers and Law Firms

Email marketing is an important part of any lawyer’s or law firm’s strategy. In fact, email campaigns can have an astounding 4.5% conversion rate. However, it can be tricky to find the best email marketing software for your needs, but in this blog post we will recommend some solutions that are great for lawyers and law firms.

We will also discuss the pros and cons of each solution so you know which one is right for you, as well as the pricing so you have a better idea of what it might cost to use these services.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a way to promote your business through an email list. Customers will give you their contact information, and then when they subscribe they’ll receive emails from you on topics that are relevant to them. It’s a great strategy because the people receiving these emails have already shown interest in your law firm or lawyer so it’s easier for them to be receptive to what you’re sending out.

It has been proven time and again as one of the most effective strategies for lawyers and law firms trying to reach new clients, especially if done correctly. Because there are many different options with how someone can do this, we’ve put together some pointers below on finding the best software solution for your needs.

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Why is email marketing important for lawyers and firms?

Email marketing is important for several reasons. The first is its effectiveness. People who have already shown interest in what you’re sending out, whether it’s a free consultation or an invitation to your firm’s office holiday party, are more likely to be receptive when they receive that email from you. This makes sense because people don’t want to bother their friends and family asking them for things – but if someone else does ask them for something via email, they’ll probably at least take a look!

Another reason why this strategy can work well is that law firms typically get very little face time with potential clients. If there isn’t a lot of opportunity for handshaking or small talk before showing up in court on behalf of one client versus another, then lawyers must rely heavily on whatever other channels they have to remain in touch with prospects. Building an email list allows you to send content, promotions, and news to subscribers so they’re constantly aware of your firm.

The best email marketing software for lawyers

Now, let’s discuss the best email marketing solutions for law firms.

1. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is great for law firms. It has a combination of both free and paid plans, so it’s perfect if you’re just starting out or are on a budget. MailChimp offers easy-to-use templates that have been designed with lawyers in mind to help you quickly create your email campaigns without having any design experience yourself (or hiring someone).

They also offer plenty of integrations, like Salesforce which can make communicating with clients easier than ever before!

The best features include:

  • The drag & drop editor/designer makes creating emails super quick and simple.
  • They offer lots of integrations.
  • Their automation platform allows users to set up intricate automated flows that automatically send messages when triggered by certain actions.

We suggest testing out the free version to see if it’s a good fit for your firm. If so, you can instantly upgrade to a paid plan.

2. SendFox


This is a super affordable solution for firms looking to scale their email marketing efforts. The free version offers all of the basic features to begin building an email list, adding forms to your website, sending newsletters, and using automation.

You can upgrade to the paid version for $50 (lifetime access) for:

  • Unlimited sends per month.
  • 5,000 contacts (+$49 for every extra 5,000.)
  • Reduced SendFox branding.

There is also the Empire Add-On ($18/month) which gives you:

  • The best possible server performance that sends emails faster to your subscribers.
  • HTML editor for more email customization.
  • No SendFox branding.

Learn more here.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

This solution is a great option for small-medium sized law firms looking to get started with email marketing. The free version includes access to contact management, list building tools, and web tracking analytics, social media integration. You can upgrade your plan from there based on what you’re interested in adding (e.g., landing pages, live chat).

You can use their drag-and-drop builder to create and customize high-converting emails in less time. Choose from professional templates that save you time and make email marketing more streamlined.

Constant Contact also includes automation that helps you drive sales with fewer resources. Set up automation to welcome new subscribers, send emails based on triggers, segment lists, and more.

Law firms and lawyers can use Constant Contact for social media marketing and paid ads too. View social campaign performance, schedule posts, and get insights to make better decisions.

Create Facebook and Instagram ads that drive awareness and leads for your legal practice. Sign up free today.

4. Omnisend


Omnisend is an email marketing platform that’s perfect for lawyers and law firms. It has over 100 leading integrations, including WordPress, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, MailChimp & more. The platform is also used by some of the world’s largest brands like Samsung and Hallmark.

Lawyers can use Omnisend to create custom landing pages with their branding or design agency-ready opt-in forms in minutes! You’ll get unlimited A/B testing too so you always send the best emails possible.

Omnisend also offers advanced automation tools like drip campaigns and visit triggers (perfect if you work on retainer). Try their platform for free and gain access to email marketing, SMS marketing, and automation.

Pricing for paid plans begins at $16/month and their email & SMS plan is only $59/month. It’s one of the most bang-for-your-buck platforms.

5. Klaviyo


This is an email marketing software that is very popular among e-commerce businesses but can benefit any company and industry. Their product is designed to help you grow your sales and keep customers happy by automatically sending them relevant, targeted emails based on their behavior.

Lawyers can use Klaviyo to target specific personas or even create a custom persona from scratch. You’ll also get built-in personalized recommendations so your subscribers always see the content they want.

With Klaviyo, you also gain access to:

  • The best in-class integrations and API to build high-converting email experiences at scale.
  • Growth workshops to network and learn from the best marketers in the world.
  • Machine-based learning gives you the deepest insights into your campaigns.

There is a free plan you can begin with (up to 250 contacts/500 email sends) and we suggest using Klaviyo’s pricing calculator for an accurate quote.

6. HubSpot


HubSpot is all about inbound marketing, but it can be used for email marketing too. With HubSpot, you’ll get a powerful CRM that will help your law firm keep track of leads and prospects with ease. You won’t need to use any other tools because this platform has everything you need under one roof!

HubSpot is great if you’re just starting out or have been doing inbound marketing for years, they’ve got something for everyone. Plus, their free trial makes it easy to see what the software offers without spending anything upfront.

Some of the free email marketing tools you’ll gain access to include:

  • Create beautiful email campaigns that display perfectly across all devices. Choose from a prebuilt template based on your goals then use the drag-and-drop editor to easily customize it.
  • Personalize emails for increased open rates, clickthroughs, and conversion rates. Customize each email based on lifecycle stage, behaviour, and more.
  • Use A/B split testing and analytics to discover the best-performing subject lines, audiences, content, and more.
  • Leverage all of the data from HubSpot’s built-in CRM to improve workflow and email marketing return on investment.

The Marketing Hub plan begins at $45/month for the Starter version with 1,000 contacts. Professional is billed at $800/month and Enterprise is $3,200/month. Learn more on their pricing page.

7. Salesforce Pardot


Salesforce Pardot is an email marketing platform designed to help marketers and sales teams work together. It uses data from your CRM to personalize the content in each of your emails, which leads to higher open rates, clickthroughs, conversions, and revenue.

It also offers A/B split testing for subject lines, audiences (based on their behaviour), content (and type), send times, etc., so you can discover what works best for generating better ROI. Plus its built-in analytics give you insight into how people are interacting with your emails so that you can optimize future campaigns based on this information.

Currently, there are four plans:

  • Growth ($1,250/month): Gain access to all of the marketing automation tools to grow smarter.
  • Plus ($2,500/month): Powerful marketing automation and analytics.
  • Advanced ($4,000/month): Marketing automation powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Premium ($15,000/month): Enterprise-level marketing with predictive analytics and support.

View their pricing page for more information on each plan.

8. GetResponse


This is email marketing software for lawyers that offers a host of features that are great for legal practices of all sizes.

For instance, its built-in analytics give you insight into how people are interacting with your emails so that you can optimize future campaigns based on this information.

You can use their solution for:

  • Sending newsletters that keep prospects aware of your business and engaging with it.
  • Setting up autoresponders and automated email sequences that nurture and convert subscribers.
  • Trigger and action-based emails.

The drag-and-drop email creator makes it easy to send pixel-perfect emails. Use layouts and templates to save time and energy. Preview design on desktop and mobile before sending to ensure they meet your standards.

It doesn’t stop there though. GetResponse offers a host of tools for law firms to use for growing their practice. These include a funnel builder, web push notifications, a website builder, landing pages, live chat, webinars, paid ads, and more.

There is a free version and three paid packages:

  • Basic ($12.75/month): Autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, unlimited website builder, basic segmentation, and email scheduling.
  • Plus ($41.65/month): Marketing automation, webinars, 3 team members, contact scoring, advanced segmentation, and 5 sales funnels.
  • Professional ($84.15/month): Unlimited automation, paid webinars, 5 team members, e-commerce features, web push notifications, and unlimited funnels.

9. Infusionsoft by Keap


Infusionsoft is the best email marketing software for lawyers and law firms. It has features like contact scoring, powerful automation, segmentation tools, analytics reporting, mobile-responsive templates, SMS messaging (no additional cost), live chat support integration with Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp (for an extra fee).

Specifically, firms and lawyers can use Infusionsoft’s email marketing features to convert more leads and drive growth with automation.

Use triggers to segment subscribers and automatically send personalized emails that have higher open rates, clickthroughs, and conversions.

Leverage Infusionsoft’s stunning templates that improve your firm’s image without having to manually code them and waste precious time.

Most importantly, gain access to advanced analytics, reporting, and A/B testing to stop relying on hunches and guesses.

With 500 contacts, Infusionsoft costs:

  • Lite ($40/month): CRM, email marketing, lead capture, automation, appointment setting, mobile app, business line, automated text messaging, and payments/invoices.
  • Pro ($85/month): Everything in Lite plus landing pages, advanced automation, sales pipeline, text message broadcasts, A/B testing, checkout forms, sales reporting, and pipeline analytics.
  • Max ($100/month): Everything in Pro plus sales funnels, lead scoring, 1-click upsells/cross-sells, recurring upsells, promo odes, marketing performance analytics, and engagement analytics.

Get a quote on their pricing page.

10. Zoho Campaigns


Zoho offers a large variety of tools for businesses. In particular, they sell Zoho Campaigns which is an email marketing toolkit to help you grow and convert your email audience.

Dynamic personalization lets you automatically change an email’s content, images, and CTA to drive the best results. Polls, surveys, and other tools enable firms to connect with their subscribers and gain valuable insights.

You can take the guesswork out of email marketing with A/B testing in real-time to invest in the better-performing campaign.

Zoho’s drag-and-drop workflow gives you custom and premade sequences for every occasion and situation. Track where every contact has been along the buyer’s journey, how long it takes, and adjust your marketing for improved results.

An interesting part of Zoho Campaigns is its pricing model. You can either pay based on the number of emails you send, the number of subscribers you have, or purchase credits if you infrequently use email marketing. Learn more.

11. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a tool that firms and attorneys use to increase their revenue and grow their client base.

The platform has been around since 2004, so it’s no surprise its email marketing software is one of the best available today. It offers responsive templates for HTML emails, mobile-optimized viewing, A/B testing with real-time results reporting, RSS integration into your newsletter campaign workflow – all in an easy-to-use interface.

One thing I really like about Campaign Monitor is having access to everything through your account dashboard – from designing new campaigns to analyzing results across different branches of your business.

You can sign up for free and upgrade to one of their paid plans:

  • Basic ($9/month): Get started with all of Campaign Monitor’s core features.
  • Unlimited ($29/month): Unlimited emails and more advanced features.
  • Premier ($149/month): Advanced segmentation and premier support.

Wrapping up the best email marketing software for lawyers

Email marketing is essential for every law firm and sole practitioner. Without email marketing, you’ll be missing out on significant revenue and growth opportunities. That’s why we suggest using one of the email marketing software for lawyers we outlined in this article.

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