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Evan Pappas
Founder and Lead designer

My name is Evan, I'm the owner, and head designer for WiseMedia.

I’ve helped multiple million-dollar brands and big names re-design their website. For the last 7 years I’ve been helping clients of all sizes get more leads, generate more revenue, and simplify their marketing with modern, mobile-friendly websites.

I founded WiseMedia and started professionally creating websites when I was in University, working for an e-Commerce startup in Waterloo. As time went on I realized that my skill-set was tailored to understanding what made a company unique, and effectively communicating it on a website.

Working with our team, I took that skill and started offering it to companies in the local area. We’ve had great success helping other business owners create the business they deserve through great web design!

We specialize in website builds for service based professionals. If you are a Financial Advisor, Lawyer, Chiropractor, Accountant, or anyone else that is an expert in their field, we can create a website that will clarify your message and generate more leads.