About WiseMedia - Law Firm Marketing

WiseMedia operates with one goal in mind, help legal professionals effectively market themselves or their firm to increase client flow and revenue.

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You have the expertise. We want to give you the tools to communicate it to potential clients.

After working with hundreds of legal professionals, we have a deep understanding of how important it is to have a steady, reliable, consistent flow of clients.

If you’re a new lawyer, it means a way to show your worth to a firm. If you’re a solo practitioner, it means you can scale up your practice confidently. If you are part of a larger firm, this means being able to build out more verticals and expand to new locations. 

We want to equip you with the skills to assess your current situation, develop a marketing plan, and implement it while tracking results to see how it performs. Our marketing strategies are developed from working with so many different law firms of different sizes and locations, and is presented in a linear, easy to follow manner. 

We don’t want you to keep losing clients to your competitors. We don’t want you to spend large amounts on retainers. We want to pass along our skills to you in a way that yourself, or an admin assistant, can implement these to see more clients reach out to you and change your position of power when it comes to marketing. 

Evan Pappas

Evan Pappas

Chief Tech Officer

Evan Pappas has 9+ years of experience servicing clients across different industries through digital marketing. As Co-Founder and CTO of WiseMedia, he manages our client relations, website development projects, and more.

Carmine Mastropierro

Carmine Mastropierro

Chief Marketing Officer

Carmine’s spent his career generating massive results for clients before becoming Co-Founder of WiseMedia to do the same for attorneys and law firms. He’s the mastermind behind the marketing strategies and deliverables for our legal clients like you. 


Adam Pappas

Marketing Director

Adam has found amazing results working with clients and implementing marketing strategies with clients on the ground floor. He specializes in digging into the details of a firm’s daily routine and finding ways to get more out of every client interaction. 

Are You OK With Losing Half Your Clients?

There is a creeping threat in the legal industry that, if not properly addressed, can leave you spending the rest of your career stranded in obscurity.

If you are practicing law in the next 3-5 years you need to be prepared. Our 5 minute video will explain everything.