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Hi! I’m Evan Pappas, owner and head designer at WiseMedia. For 5+ years, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes adapt and thrive online. I’ve been around business since I was a kid, coming from a family of entrepreneurs. I know how important it is to meet customers where they are and connect with them in a meaningful way.

We all see that the world is changing. It is putting immense pressure on businesses of every shape and size. This is particularly hard for companies that rely on in-person sales, networking, and word-of-mouth.

Our purpose is to help those companies make a transition to the new age. We take everything that makes their business great and ensure they can keep growing during these times of struggle. Thriving, instead of surviving. 

We can help by redesigning your website so it becomes your greatest sales asset. After building over 100 sites, we know how to create a beautiful, modern, phone-friendly site no matter your size or industry. We also help by taking your business processes and moving them online. We can digitize your business in response to social distance, ensuring a smooth landing into this next decade.

When committing time, money, and effort to your business, you want to trust someone that will get you real results. This is our promise to you: Transparent and fair pricing. Easy to understand service. Tangible results. You deserve that type of service. Let WiseMedia be your solution.

Evan Pappas, Owner of WiseMedia

Evan Pappas Owner and Founder of WiseMedia, also the head designer and the one building your site
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